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Welcome to Patrick J. Clouden’s Website about Scientology

Patrick J Clouden 

Mr. Patrick J. Clouden is a longstanding, active member of the “Church of Scientology”. Founded by world acclaimed author and humanitarian, L. Ron Hubbard, the church of Scientology and their members strongly support social betterments – in the neighborhood as well as all over the world. L. Ron Hubbard’s works are being used by government organizations, charitable associations and/or gung-ho groups in more than 100 countries.


Many social programs such as drug rehabilitation, study technology, support of human rights and safeguard of the environment are contained in L. Ron Hubbard’s works.


Pat Clouden is also a devoted sponsor of the Volunteer Ministers. Scientology Volunteer Ministers have been called to places where urgent and caring attention was required to cope with all kinds of natural disasters. With currently 87,000 members, Scientology volunteer ministers constitute the largest independent relief force on Earth. Thanks to the help of Volunteer Minister Cavalcades, over 1.6 million people were helped last year alone.


Patrick J. Clouden is a strong supporter of “The Way to Happiness” campaign. “The Way to Happiness” is the first moral code based wholly on common sense. First published in 1981, its purpose is to arrest the current moral decline in society and restore integrity and trust to Man. Written by L. Ron Hubbard, the booklet fills the moral vacuum of an increasingly materialistic society.

Way to HappinessThis code of conduct contains 21 basic principles that guide one to a better quality of life. Entirely nonreligious, it can be followed by anyone, of any race, color or creed and works to restore the bonds that unite humankind. You can see all of the 21 Precept Videos here, or request a FREE DVD kit with each of these precepts.



In this Website, Patrick J. Clouden comments about his affiliation with the Church of Scientology since 1977. Travelling around the United States and meeting thousands of people every year for his business, Patrick is regularly asked interesting questions about Scientology.  Not only are people curious about his affiliation with the Church, he is commonly asked about his business and how he has managed to flourish and prosper over the years.  As a dedicated Scientologist, Pat Clouden decided to formally answer the following in this website.



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